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Woman talking on the phoneFederal Universal Service Charge Increase

Federal Universal Service Charge

The Federal Universal Charge (FUSC) on your bill is calculated in accordance with FCC rules by applying a contribution factor that changes quarterly to the charges for interstate services that you used. The federal universal service fund helps to ensure access to affordable communications services in all areas of the United States. If you have any questions regarding the FUSC charge, please contact the FCC at 1-888-225-5322 or e-mail:


10 Reasons to Keep Your Home Phone
Thinking of giving up your home phone? Before you cut the cord, consider these reasons why most Americans still consider a home phone to be indispensable to the safety and happiness of their family.

Basic Residential Service Package


$ 18/month*

Basic Business Service Package


$ 22.10/month*


Additional Features

  • No Charge 900 Call Blocking – No Charge
  • No Charge International Call Blocking – No Charge
  • Speed Calling 8 Numbers – $1.25
  • Speed Calling 30 Numbers – $1.25
  • Call Return – $1.25
  • Call Forward No Answer – $1.25
  • Selective Call Acceptance – $1.25
  • Selective Call Forwarding – $1.25
  • Selective Call Rejection – $1.25
  • Wake Up Service – $1.25
  • Caller ID – $1.50 or $7.50
  • Call Waiting – $1.25
  • 500 Minutes Long Distance – $10.00
  • Unlimited Long Distance – $20.00

Call 844-384-MCOM (6266)  to request phone service today.

* excluding taxes and surcharges.

** YOUR FIRST BILL MAY INCLUDE: Initial installation charges of $30.00—Prorated local service for the first billing period—Advance Billing of next month local service charges—Any long distance for the first billing period— Labor ($75.00/Hr.), and Wiring Charges for jack installations (if any), also a drop charge may be required if service has never been at this location before. There will be a $50 deposit for services.

*** Discounts are available to low-income customers who qualify for participation in Lifeline telephone assistance programs. For information concerning these programs, please call Missouricom New London at 844-384-MCOM (6266)  or visit